Thursday, September 17, 2015

We had our workshop about koto/shamisen and mini-concert at University of Zagreb.


14:00-14:30 Demonstration

14:30-14:40 Q&A Session

14:40-15:00 Workshop

【Demonstration Program】

1. Kadode no iwai / Celebration at departure

    - A part from Nagauta "Matsu no midori"

2. Hometown Nostalgia / 

3. Medley of Japanese children's song

4. Tsuru no koe / Crane's call

5. Haru no umi / Spring sea



2.  ことうた〜郷愁〜



Comments from students:

“I understood that playing koto needs physical power than it looks.”

“The basics are not difficult if I get the hang of it. I want to learn more if there is an opportunity.”

“I almost tears at Manumi’s Crane’s voice” that was very sweet comment.


It was a very good cultural exchange.